Welcome To the Halton Fresh Food Box Program !

Please visit our new site at: HFFB.ca


Every community needs access to healthy affordable foods to meet the nutrition/health needs of all its members. With the Halton Fresh Food Box all residents of Halton region, but particularly those living on limited incomes, seniors, and new Canadians, have improved access to good quality, mainly locally grown, more affordable fruits and vegetables delivered right to their own neighbourhood.
There are over 27,000 people living in Halton region on limited incomes which compromise their ability to feed themselves and their families a healthy diet. Food support programs are very challenged to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables in their donation boxes.
Less than 35% of Halton Region residents eat the recommended number of serving of fruit and vegetables per day which is a key indicator as to why the incidence of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity are so high. Increased access to fruit and vegetables, along with educational materials and community support are intertwined in the Halton Fresh Food Box program.


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