February – What makes a good food box?

Hello to all of our followers – Yes it is time for the food box guru to choose her items for the February food boxes. As I was preparing the orders and writing the newsletter I was thinking about what I have heard over the past 7 years as to what makes a good food box.

Here is what I have heard. Please let us know if this is what you also think. Our customers want and expect – Quality fruit and vegetables; A good, fair price that helps many of them stretch their limited food dollars; Good variety in every box; A mix of fruit and vegetables; Some items that have to be eaten within a day or two; some that will last a few days and then others that will last a couple of weeks or so; Ontario and Local grown is very important for many of our customers; not too many beets and rutabagas or parsnips; variety of different apples and pears; something new and interesting now and again to spark up their diet.

So that is indeed what we try to do with every single box we pack. We can accommodate all of these requests. The only issue we cannot accommodate is personal likes and dislikes. So as I choose and try to stay within the money we have collected I just pray it will meet most of your likes and dislikes. If not share that item you don’t like with a friend or leave at the food box drop site for another customer who will love it!!!

Here is what you can expect in your box on Februay 7th….let me know how I did. $8.00 bag has small portions of apples, Anjou pears, carrots, broccoli, cooking onions, oranges, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, grape tomatoes, green pepper, English cucumber, blueberries, lemon

$13 box has more broccoli, apples, Anjou pears, carrots, oranges,sweet potatoes,lemons plus grape tomatoes,cooking onions, celery, green pepper, blueberries and mushrooms

$17 box contains iceberg lettuce, more apples, more pears, more oranges, carrots, more cooking onions, broccoli, mushrooms, more sweet potatoes, cauliflower, rutabaga, green peppers, lemons, blueberries, grape tomatoes and celery

There are still many local and Ontario items such as the apples, pears, mushrooms, onions, carrots and rutabaga. We will soon have Ontario green house items for the box also. Read your newsletter – there is a great Orange Chicken Fajita Recipe in it on page 3. Happy munching – Foodbox Guru

What to expect in your box on Tuesday January 17th

Hi food box followers;

If you are getting your box on January 17th then I encourage you to read the last blog I posted on January 6th as the boxes are nearly identical.

The only difference is the variety of pears will be Flemish, the variety of apples will be Mutsu, the variety of lettuce will be iceberg and there will be grape tomatoes instead of the zucchini.

I encourage you all to be creative this month and try one of the recipes in the newsletter. They are both great winter comfort food recipes.

I would also encourage you to share a recipe with us. It sometimes a real challenge to come up with new ideas after writing the newsletter for 7 years.

I hope you all can remember to thank your drop site volunteer coordinators. They spend at least 4 hours a month working on this for you…a little thank you is so much appreciated.

There is information in this newsletter about what to do in case of inclement weather on box dellivery day. If the roads are hazardous we post pone box packing and delivery until the next day – Wednesday. To find out if box delivery is delayed one day you can listen to our voice mail at 905-634-8645; log on to this blog for an update; or listen for an announcement on CFRB (10.10 am) radio, and CHML (900 am) radio.

Happy munching in January.

The food box guru

January – Not so many roots!

Hello all and Happy New Year;
We do so apologize to all of our customers who are not root veggie fans. We know that beets, rutabagas and parsnips are not often on people’s top veggie lists.

So in January we are giving you a break and introducing some other items into your box. Mushrooms are locally grown so we have included them in all of the boxes. This month we were able to once again get broccoli at a good price…in case you missed it last month!!!

Local pears and apples are still plentiful and excellent quality. The pears are Bosc or Anjou which is a change from last month’s Flemish variety.

For our citrus lovers we have sunkist #1 oranges and clementines. The clementines are your make up item for the poor quality oranges that were in the December box…we promised we would add an extra item in the January box.

For variety we have added small green zucchini, kiwi ($13 and $17 boxes), red onions, English cucumber, red cabbage ($17 box only); cantaloupe ($17 box only);
sweet potatoes; mango ($8.00 bag only); Romaine lettuce ($17 box only); Yukon gold potatoes; and carrots.

The newsletter has great red cabbage recipes and sweet potato recipes.

With regard to the program, we have been lucky enough to find some money to buy new boxes so we should be in better shape in 2012 with regard to making our life a little easier. Please note that the boxes are very expensive and we work hard to look after them and keep them clean and damage free.

In the newsletter we have included a note about who puts the love in your box – check it out!!!

Happy munching,
foodbox guru

Dates for food boxes in 2012

Hello all followers
Sorry for not posting our dates for 2012 on our web site. We are working on that as I write this post. We are in the process of revamping our web site and had hoped it would be ready for 2012. It will be a great improvement and much more user friendly. But like a lot of projects it is taking longer than anticipated to get it all together. We will keep you posted about its progress.

We will indeed post the 2012 dates to our old site ASAP.

For now here is our 2012 date calendars for your review.

4th Tuesday of the month delivery

Halton Hills (Acton and Georgetown)

Customer Orders Due Box Delivery
Friday, January 13 Tuesday, January 24
Friday, February 17 Tuesday, February 28
Friday, March 16 Tuesday, March 27
Friday, April 13 Tuesday, April 24
Friday, May 11 Tuesday, May 22
Friday, June 15 Tuesday, June 26
Friday, July 13 Tuesday, July 24
Friday, August 17 Tuesday, August 28
Friday, September 14 Tuesday, September 25
Friday, October 12 Tuesday, October 23
Friday, November 16 Tuesday, November 27
Friday, December 7 Wed, December 19
Please note: Schedule change in December to accommodate Holiday schedules for volunteers.

Halton Fresh Food Box Dates for 2012
3rd Tuesday of the month delivery sites

Burlington, Oakville and Milton
Customer Orders Due Box Delivery
Friday, January 6 Tuesday, January 17
Friday, February 10 Tuesday, February 21
Friday, March 9 Tuesday, March 20
Friday, April 6 Tuesday, April 17
Friday, May 4 Tuesday, May 15
Friday, June 8 Tuesday, June 19
Friday, July 6 Tuesday, July 17
Friday, August 10 Tuesday, August 21
Friday, September 7 Tuesday, September 18
Friday, October 5 Tuesday, October 16
Friday, November 9 Tuesday, November 20
Friday, December 7 Tuesday, December 18

Halton Fresh Food Box Dates for 2012
1st Tuesday of the month delivery

Burlington, Oakville and Milton
Customer Orders Due Box Delivery
Friday, December 30 Tuesday, January 10
Friday, January 27 Tuesday, February 7
Friday, February 24 Tuesday, March 6
Friday, March 23 Tuesday, April 3
Friday, April 20 Tuesday, May 1
Friday, May 25 Tuesday, June 5
Friday, June 22 Wednesday, July 4
Friday, July 27 Wednesday, August 8
Friday, August 24 Wednesday, September 5
Friday, September 21 Tuesday, October 2
Friday, October 27 Tuesday, November 6
Friday, November 23 Tuesday, December 4

Please note in January: The schedule was changed to the second Tuesday of the month to accommodate the holiday season for volunteers and drop sites in December.
The schedule was modified over the summer months to accommodate holiday weekend challenges. As agreed Box delivery day in July, August and September will be Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Hope this helps.

As always, good munching –
Food Box Guru