Our Farmers and Suppliers

The Halton Fresh Food Box buys from a variety of local farmers and wholesalers.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites.


The Farm
12399 No. 15 Side Road
Tel: 905-873-2050 / 905-877-7976
Plan B Organic Farm     
1377 5th Concession West
Branchton ON N0B 1L0
Phone: (905) 659-2572
Andrews Scenic Acres
9365 10th Sideroad
Milton/Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
L9T 2X9
Tel:905-878-5807  Fax:905-878-4997
Oliveria Fruit Farm
5510 Blezard Drive
Beamsville, Ontario
L0R 1B3
Tel: 905-945-1280
Greenfields Organic
19715 Guelph Line
Tel: 905-854-5458
Marshall’s Farm Fresh Produce
13517 1st Line
Nassagawega, ON.
The West Family
Sole growers for the Halton Fresh Food Box


Tigchelaar Apples and Berries
268 Puslinch, Flamborough Townline
Puslinch, ON
Tel: 905-659-3659
Fisher Farms
Rr 1 Stn Lcd 1
Burlington, Ontario
L7R 3X4
Tel: 905-335-6704
Roseland Produce Wholesale
1827 Ironstone Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7L 5T8
Tel: 905-332-4400
Bayshore Vegetable Shippers
1050 Heritage Road
Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 905-335-3523

1 comment on “Our Farmers and Suppliers

  1. Hi im transitioning from.a vegetarian to vegan.my child still likes cow milk so I buy it. My question is are there local farms that supply cruelty free milk and eggs ? We’re the animals are treated with respect and care and love ?I would like to find a local farm or a brand that is sold somewhere that I can buy that guarantees cruet free dairy and eggs?’please HELP! Thank you

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