Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Halton Fresh Food Box program. Operating since 2011, we have connected over __________________  Halton residents to fresh and affordable fruits and vegetables. How do we do this? Through:

  • The generosity and commitment of our strong volunteer base of over _______ volunteers
  • Strong partnerships with local farmers of Halton
  • 4 packing and pick up sites run by our amazing management team and volunteers to serve all of Halton
  • Dedicated sponsors who help us keep the costs low and make the HFFB program as affordable and accessible as possible to all citizens of the Halton community

While our management team does everything in their power to run a high quality program for the Halton Community, as with everything else, costs are rising and we count on generous sponsors like you to help us fulfil our vision and mission of providing access to healthy, local, high quality fruits and vegetables for all in Halton Region. We will focus on low income residents, new Canadians and Seniors. Why? Because it proven that the people in these groups are most at risk for developing poor nutrition which then impacts:

  • Their quality of life
  • Our healthcare system
  • The growth of our community

By becoming a sponsor, you can be assured that we would align with your philanthropic goals through:

  • Our proven reputation as a respected partner
  • Our loyal customers who report high satisfaction with their experience with the Halton Fresh Food Box Program
  • Our strategic plan that allows for further growth and development in the Halton Region

The benefits given to sponsors are outlined in the attached document and we’re sure you’ll find the list  are well worth your generosity.

Thank you for considering joining the Halton Fresh Food Box in making Halton a healthier, happier, stronger place to live and thrive!

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